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Mouthpiece Anatomy

By Morgan Fry
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  • 26 May

The various features of the mouthpiece interact in many subtle ways to help you create your sound. There are three ways features of the mouthpiece can affect its sound and playability:

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Mouthpiece Materials Test

By Morgan Fry
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  • 12 Apr
Or, on the matter of how much mouthpiece matter matters.
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Pharoah Sanders playing in Leeds on his new #morganfrymouthpieces #hollywood. Incredible to meet the legend and...
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Gilad Atzmon picked up a new Alto mouthpiece yesterday, too. It's a Morgan Fry Original in marbled ebonite, 5 tip...
Morgan Fry (7 months ago)
Gilad Atzmon was over to the shop today for a new tenor mouthpiece. This is the new Hollywood 6* #saxophone...
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Got a few more of these -- @kris_urbanski_music again on a Reso Chamber prototype. What do you guys think?...
Morgan Fry (12 months ago)
@kris_urbanski on the #vintage series. This has a double ring Link chamber #saxophoneplayer #morganfrymouthpieces...
Morgan Fry (12 months ago)