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strong vibrant sound and easy rich sub-tones ...Mike Stern and Randy Brecker both said that I sounded great!! Thank you very much for your superb craftsmanship.

John Helliwell


Such a superb job -- everything I asked for. You are a real Maestro.

Jerry Bergonzi

I try to play on one mouthpiece for everything, and I seem to do a wide variety of things- pop horn sections, big band, orchestral, shows, jazz small groups, recording sessions where you've no idea what's going to be put in front of you. I can show up to virtually anything with this mouthpiece and be extremely confident it will work. I've played on many mouthpieces over the years- Link, Guardala, Lawton, Theo Wanne, Sugal, Dukoff, Selmer; I had hundreds of tenor mouthpieces in my drawer! I have two original Double Ring Links, and this plays better than both of them. Since buying this mouthpiece, I've gone back to try others, but none of them suits me as well as this.

Martin Williams

BBC Big Band

I love it. What a mouthpiece!

GIlad Atzmon

First metal alto piece I am comfortable with- Excellent job, man!

Krzysztof Urbanski

The best mouthpiece I have ever played!

Andy Sheppard

New for 2016

Super Vintage




Vintage Slant


Metal Alto


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Got a few more of these -- @kris_urbanski_music again on a Reso Chamber prototype. What do you guys think?...
Morgan Fry (4 months ago)
@kris_urbanski on the #vintage series. This has a double ring Link chamber #saxophoneplayer #morganfrymouthpieces...
Morgan Fry (4 months ago)
@kris_urbanski was at the shop thiss week testing out a few mouthpieces. This is the Original black ebonite....
Morgan Fry (4 months ago)
@kris_urbanski and Artem Mendelenko playing around at musikmesse 2017. Both playing Super Vintage 7*....
Morgan Fry (5 months ago)
Check out Krzysztof Urbanski on his Super Vintage and this straight tenor at Musikmesse Frankfurt yesterday!
Morgan Fry (5 months ago)