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Optimizing your mouthpiece

Hand finishing mouthpieces has always been more art than science. Sure, it has become common practice to use precisely mathematically defined facing curves (as we do), but this is only the start. Facing and restoring reed mouthpieces well requires an understanding of the complex interactions between reed, facing curve, tip, baffle, acoustics -- the craftsmanship to make the right changes -- and the chops to know when you're done!

Standard refacing includes optimization of all of the most functional parts of the mouthpiece, typically including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Flattening the table
  • Correcting the facing curve
  • Thinning the side rails
  • Correcting the baffle
  • Correcting the throat
  • Opening or Closing the tip opening (up to about .010")

Prices for a full standard refacing are:

  • Hard rubber or plastic: $125
  • Brass: $175
  • Rush Job (< 1 week turnaround): +40%

Repairs (biteplate, dents, replating, etc.) are extra.
All refacing is done by Morgan Fry. Turnaround time is typically 4-5 weeks.
Need some work done or just have a question? email Morgan for an estimate.

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