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Martin Williams

I try to play on one mouthpiece for everything, and I seem to do a wide variety of things- pop horn sections, big band, orchestral, shows, jazz small groups, recording sessions where you've no idea what's going to be put in front of you. I can show up to virtually anything with this mouthpiece and be extremely confident it will work. I've played on many mouthpieces over the years- Link, Guardala, Lawton, Theo Wanne, Sugal, Dukoff, Selmer; I had hundreds of tenor mouthpieces in my drawer! I have two original Double Ring Links, and this plays better than both of them.

BBC Big Band

John Helliwell

strong vibrant sound and easy rich sub-tones ...Mike Stern and Randy Brecker both said that I sounded great!! Thank you very much for your superb craftsmanship.


GIlad Atzmon

I love it. What a mouthpiece!

Krzysztof Urbanski

First metal alto piece I am comfortable with- Excellent job, man!

Andy Sheppard

The best mouthpiece I have ever played!

Jerry Bergonzi

Such a superb job -- everything I asked for. You are a real Maestro.

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